(Not so) Mad Scientists

Imagine the future and build it.
Let us help you design and build your next blockchain, decentralized application, web, mobile or IoT project.

We are global integration & innovation technologists with a diverse background in product discovery, management, design and system engineering.

Our computer engineering specialties include:
* BlockChain Technologies
* Decentralized Applications (DApps)
* Mobile Applications for Android, Windows Phone and iOS
* Web Design and Development
* Internet of Things (IoT) Design and Implementation with microcontrollers
* Computer Vision
* Applied Mathematics
* Applied Physics
* Game Development

Just a few of the technology platform and languages we use:
* Microsoft C#.Net & VB.Net
* Solidity
* C & C++
* Qt
* AngularJs, jQuery, Javascript
* NodeJS
* MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL Server
* Unity3D
* Objective-C
* Android
* Python